Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kris Kristofferson - The Pilgrim Chapter 33

Truth be told this song started me on my way to Yahweh twenty years ago. It was 1988 and I was ready to join the United States Air Force - Same as Johnny Cash, Same as K.K.'s dad, same as Adrian Cronauer. Adrian was my original inspiration for signing my life away to an unforeseen world of discipline and structure. I wanted to prove myself as a rebel dj. Little did I know that Yahweh had other plans. I wound up serving as a Mental Health Tech on 4 Charlie at Lackland AFB. Not at all a bad duty station; only that it was during the years of Operation Just "be" Cause and later, Desert Storm/Shield. The running joke was, "Who are we going to invade next Christmas. After pulling mangled bodies off a flight line in San Antonio, I knew war was not my business.

I left military service with a new appreciation for freedom and the politics that deny it; all the while promoting Marxism / Communism under the guise of a "Free Republic." Of course, anyone with an inkling of common sense knows the hypocrisy of that sentiment!!!

As a vet and civillian, I pray that something on this blog strikes a chord within my readers. Often music has touched my soul when nothing else would; perhaps this holds true with you? Restoration Herald offers many music and instructional videos that are designed to open hearts and renew minds regarding the purposes of Yahweh.

It is my heartfelt prayer that PILGRIM CHAPTER 33 shows forth that desire.


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