Sunday, January 13, 2008

Christianity in America

Christianity in America: "Christianity in America

by Lewis Loflin

Many of those who call themselves Christian claim to believe in a 'LITERAL' interpretation of the Bible. Yet, according to Chattanooga-based American Rights Coalition whose cardboard copy of the Ten Commandments decorate numerous lawns in Sullivan County, less than 1 percent of adults and teen-agers in 'CONSERVATIVE BIBLE-BELIEVING CHURCHES COULD NAME THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.' What is even more troubling, other surveys show less than 10% of evangelicals have read the Bible at all. How can someone that has never read the Bible claim to a be 'BIBLICAL LITERALIST?'

Today something is terribly wrong in much of the Christian Community. The poor are held in contempt; rivers of hate and venom flow from the pulpit while reactionary politics have taken the place of Scripture. Whole volumes are devoted to attacking science (biology, physics, and geology) while the mention of Jesus is rarely heard above the racket. Heresy, right-wing paranoia, and New Age religion have replaced Christian tradition while churches and clergy who should know better sit in silence and apathy. We must separate what is traditional Christianity away from the occult."

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